We’re never going to stop hearing “Tide makes you angel-white.”  I’m stepping in when what you hear or read goes beyond simple dishonesty and includes you in a bad syllogism– in other words, when a false, tacit premise propels an asserted premise to produce a conclusion that requires mental acrobatics (or, as perhaps preferred, intellectual laziness) for your acquiescence.

Put another way still, when unstated circumstances are required to be absurd in order for a statement to make sense.  In the context of these entries, I often call this the ‘Scenario’:  the false reality wrongfully established as a given when proposing to encompass you in its non sequitur of a conclusion.

If you want a good example, look to any political spot (especially a smear spot), your average infomercial, or almost any statement made by a religious organization.  Any time unwarranted presuppositions, biases, or any other signifier (and prescriber) of cognitive dissonance enters the frame, I’m taking notes.

Again– simple, straight-forward, fibs and exaggerations are going to fly below my radar.  What gets my attention is assertive fallacy– a compound, self-detonating claim that, quite frankly, insults me as a listener by proposing that I’m already part of it.

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